Bartender & Barista Training

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Be shaken and stirred into a new exciting world

Have you ever dreamed about impressing a bar full of customers by mixing exotic cocktails and serving them with flair? Or of satisfying the most discerning taste buds in the café with professional, barista prepared coffee?

Become a skilled bartender in weeks…

Dream no more – make it a reality! Starting today, you can learn invaluable bartending and barista coffee making skills that give you many advantages:

  • Immediately boost your employability.
  • Open new doors to places you are now qualified to apply for work in.
  • Travel anywhere in the world. With this universal training in your back pocket you can explore anywhere your heart desires and work as you go.
  • Move up the ladder in your current employment by impressing management with your new learning.

…and a barista coffee expert too

Isn’t it impressive to see a professionally trained barista skillfully preparing coffee that smells so good it tempts people into his café? Have you ever seen a bartender captivate an audience with slick and confident cocktail preparation? You can do all that! During this course you’ll get the answers to all the important questions like:

What water to coffee ratios do I use for different coffee drinks?

What’s the perfect temperature for brewing?

What grind settings do I use and when?

How can I make sure it’s a superb cup of coffee and not just average?

How do the different whiskeys differ?

What shaking techniques suit which cocktails?

How can I master free pouring and get quantities right?

Why is tequila different from other alcohols?

What do I need to know about serving alcohol responsibly?

Enjoy a fun and rewarding career in hospitality

Start your bartender and barista training today and in no time at all you’ll have a new passport to many exciting jobs and locations, anywhere in the world.